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Review - Porsche Design P'8458-A

Manufacturer: Porsche Design Porsche Design
Model: P'8458-A
Price Paid: $540
Made in: Japan
Lenses: Polarized
Quality / Finish: 4.5 / 5.0
Durability: 4.5 / 5.0
Comfort: / Wearability: 4.5 / 5.0
Tint - Visibility Balance: 4.0 / 5.0
Peripheral Vision: 5.0 / 5.0
Lens Coverage: 4.0 / 5.0
Average: 4.4 / 5.0
What's in the box: Sunglasses, case, cleaning cloth, guarantie card, guarantee certificate
Porsche Design Porsche Design Porsche Design Porsche Design Porsche Design Porsche Design

I purchased these sunglasses from the Porsche Design store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California. They had the full assortment of sunglasses there, but it was the P’8458 that caught my eye.  I bought the dark grey, grey brown matte frames, with the brown lenses, which is option A. 

Quality / Finish
The frame is a gloss dark brown or even glossy bronze color, with the arms having an anodized brown look.  Whatever colors your call them, I consider it a gorgeous combination.  The matte portion of the arms attach to the gloss portion by three small screws.  This gives a high-tech look from the inside, and a clean/finished look from the outside.  The front of the left arm has the words “Porsche Design” written on it.  A nice touch that is not too overstated.  Visually, these sunglasses offer a beautiful, consistent finish.

When I hold these sunglasses I notice how rigid they feel.  They are, of course, titanium, but they also exude quality.  The hinges are perfectly stiff, and stay at whatever position you place them.  Twisting the frames yield no give, while the glasses do open while bending back the arms they also provide resistance.  I am not sure how the finish would hold up if dropped onto concrete, but I am certain if they were accidently sat on in your car they would not be adversely affected.

Comfort / Wearability
I love the comfort; these could possibly be the most comfortable sunglasses I have ever worn.  I have had them on for hours and there is no fatigue on the nose, ears or the sides of the head.  There is a great balance of tightness with the arms on the side of the head, and the nose pieces resting on the nose.  They also stay on my head.  I can shake, run up stairs, run and jump with no worry of them coming off.

Tint – Visibility Balance
This is the only place that these sunglasses fall short.  In full sunlight conditions, they can be too bright, whether in the intense sun of southern California or even the moderate sun of fall Oregon.  In low light, these lenses perform very well, responding with a great amount of visibility.

Peripheral Vision
The peripheral vision of these sunglasses is perfect.  The way the frames wrap around provide full visibility.

Lens Coverage
The lenses block out almost all of the sun from all angles, with the only exception being where the front of the arms are open.

I like the case, although it is not a hard one, there is no worry that the sunglasses are going to get crushed since the frames are titanium.  The bad thing about the case is the zipper, as it is of questionable quality.  Several times while zipping teeth have been missed, making unzipping the case more difficult.  I do like the cleaning cloth; it’s thicker than cloths that I have received from other manufacturers.

Overall I enjoy these sunglasses very much, with the only drawback being the price.  There is tremendous originality of design, from the shape of the lenses to the design and shape of the arms to the color and combination of the finishes. 

Reviewed by Brian, 30 November 2008


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