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About Us

My name is Brian, I am a native Oregonian living the dream out here on the west coast.  I married a SoCal girl and together we like traveling, hitting the slopes or just relaxing outside with friends.  Of course we both have jobs and other responsibilities, but whatever we do, we always wear sunglasses. If you are like us you love sunglasses too; you like the way they look, their styles, and you know that a good pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.  There are hundreds of brands out there, and thousands of different styles.  We are here to give you information on the manufacturers, what styles they offer, where to get them, and just general information on sunglasses.

Cheryl and I know that care for the environment is important.  We do what we can to support local and global environmental causes.  On the bottom of each page we have included links to some of our favorite organizations.  We hope that you will do what you can to help as well. We think companies that manufacture and sell sunglasses should be environmentally conscious. We will comment in each brand's page, and also pass along any news we have.

You are always free to let us know what you think, just click on the "Contact Us" link.

Per FTC Regulations....we are in no way reimbursed by sunglass manufacturers for reviewing sunglasses. We do not receive free or discounted merchandise, and do not receive money. The words we publish are strictly our opinions. Thanks.

  Specials About Us Brands Reviews Articles Contact Us